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We are Braid Amsterdam

A Dutch based company inspired by

the beauty of purity - honesty - transparency.

Braid Amsterdam has been founded in the late summer of 2018 and has recently launched its webshop in February 2019. All our clothing is inspired by the world of sports and fashion. By braiding these we create comfort wear suitable for any occasion allowing you to make the most of now.

Currently we try to expand this vision into multiple European countries. We approach these markets selling primarily directly to our customers allowing us to deliver good quality for a fair price. Furthermore, when producing this clothing we always bear ethical standards in mind. Therefore, most of our products are currently produced in the EU, which we would like to increase along the years.

This idolisation of honesty and beauty is incorporated throughout the entire company.

We like to be transparent with everyone we work with and strive to let everyone be themselves and use this as strength. This combined with a horizontal start-up environment gives great opportunity for young talent that is looking for a challenge with great responsibility.

 Want to join us? Send an e-mail to with your C.V. And motivation.

 *open application*